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Hanh Nguyen

Founder and Executive Director

Certified Quantum Energy Healer

Healing Touch Facilitator

Spiritual Counselor / Life Coach

Tel: (703) 627-8907


Get beyond the blocks that prevent you from:  

  • A break-thru in your career or business.
  • Achieving financial success.
  • An intimate relationship with your spouse, partner, father,  mother, siblings, friends or other important people in  your life.
  • An extraordinary life, doing what you love...

Blocks to our success come from unresolved issues in our past.

You hold the key to resolve all the issues you have. We help you to put these blocks back in the past. The blocks will be behind you once and for all.

The Center for Self Discovery can also help you to:

  • Heal the wounded inner child and your past traumas.
  • Understand who you are and realize what you want in life.
  • Eliminate laziness and get new sense of aliveness and excitement every day.
  • Liberate yourself from the domination of your ego.
  • Heal what makes you feel stress, gain weight, smoke, use drugs, etc.
  • Transform rebelliousness against authority.
  • Live authentically with yourself and with others.
  • Express yourself confidently and truthfully.
  • Overcome the victim mentality.
  • Restore your power to transform your past. 
  • Stop the blame game.
  • Take control of your life.
  • Overcome the need to be right, or wrong, win or lose, etc.
  • Stop feeling like a failure.
  • Overcome the feeling that you have something to prove.
  • Overcome deep-rooted fears.
  • Discover your natural leadership ability.
  • Live life fully.

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Center for Self Discovery

11105 Gainsborough Ct.,#12

Fairfax, VA 22030

Tel: (703) 627-8907

Website: http://Center4SelfDiscovery.org

Email: HanhNguyen2100@gmail.com


Center for Self Discovery is 501(c)(3), 

a spiritual nonprofit organization

EIN# 95-3455451 (AIWP)


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