Center for Self Discovery


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In my experience, there are no separation between us. That we are all interconnected like blood cells in the same body, the body of humanity, of all living things, of Life.

Each of us are unique and special just the way we are. We each has a job to do in the symphony of life. But each of us is precious and beautiful like a diamond in a treasure chest. 

In my experience, we are magnificent spiritual beings who are on our own life journeys. I believe that we chose to be born and continue to over come our unique life circumstances, our family, cultures and nationalities conditions. 

We are here to learn and fulfill our destinies of what we are set here to do.

My gift to life is to be my own unique expression of who I  really am.

And I am here to help you to put the past behind you, to discover who you really are and what your gift to life is. To live honestly in accord with your true self allows for an exciting adventure filled with joy and happiness.

Everything that happened in your life so far is perfect the way it is.

Wishing to be someone someday is just an illusion, because some day would never comes.

Who we want to be now determines what actions we should take and the result we will get.

The past is already gone and the future is yet to come. But the present is here now. Who do you want to be NOW if I could help you to put everything in the past behind you?

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