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Hanh Nguyen

Founder and Executive Director  

Ministered of AIWP

Certified Quantum Energy Healer

Healing Touch Facilitator

Spiritual Counselor / Life Coach

Tel: (703) 627-8907


Introducing a new COMMUNITY PROJECT,

    “Love always overcomes!”

 free of charge, in Northern Virginia.  

We’d like to be the cause for RECONCILIATION and REUNIFICATION of 10 families from all backgrounds who are having difficulties in their marriage. This on-going project begins from January 30, 2004 and will complete on June 30, 2004. Ten married couples from all backgrounds that will be chosen are couples who:

»  Speak and understand English to participate in the group weekly meeting on Tuesday night.

»  Are separated, divorced, or currently have difficulties and obstacles in their marriage.

»  Want to overcome these difficulties and obstacles.

For more information, please contact the Center:

Center for Self Discovery

11105 Gainsborough Ct.,#12

Fairfax, VA 22030

Tel: (703) 627-8907

Website: http://Center4SelfDiscovery.org

Email: HanhNguyen2100@gmail.com


  • If there was a time when you were in love with each other, or if there is still a chance to rekindle the fire of love in your hearts, however small,  we will help you to overcome the obstacles and work out the differences that you are having.  

  • If you decide to part, we can help you to heal the hurt and pain from the past so you can be good friends. Your children will be the benefactors of this reconciliation. 

  • This is a private forum for you to share and learn from each other.

  • These meetings will be strictly private and confidential.

  • It’s wonderful if both husband and wife can come together, but if just the husband or wife can come alone in the beginning, this is also encouraged.

Center for Self Discovery is 501(c)(3), 

a spiritual nonprofit organization

EIN# 95-3455451 (AIWP)


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